Russian traditions of celebrating New Year🎄

Russians celebrate New Year way more significantly that Christmas (which is on January 7). It also can be considered to be the most important holiday of the year. People prepare for celebrating New Year’s Eve weeks before it by buying food, drinks and presents for their loved ones. Moreover, there are some tranditions that are associated only with this holiday. And I want to share them with you so that you can immerse yourself more in the Russian culture :ru:

  1. Children write the letters to Father Frost

Father Frost is a Russian prototype of Santa Claus. In Russian it is called Дед Мороз [ded moroz]. Children write the letters to him by telling him what presents they would like to get for New Year. Moreover, he has got a granddaughter, Snow Maiden, that in Russian called Snegurochka [sne’gurochka] who is also loved by children.

  1. Russians prepare a lot of dishes and set a table

New Year’s Eve is usually celebrated with a family or friends. Therefore there’s a huge preparation for this dinner. The most popular dishes are Olivier salad (known as Russian salad in other countries), Crab salad and Dressed herring. And there’s always a bottle of champagne and tangerines, of course.

  1. People watch the President’s Аddress on TV

The President’s Adress starts a couple of minutes before 00:00 o’clock on December 31. He gives a speech which includes the results of the year and wishes for the new one. Once he finishes, the tower clock on the Red Square starts chiming and the fireworks appear in the sky. It’s the moment when the New Year officially begins.

So, this is how Russians celebrate New Year :fireworks: Now, tell me how this holiday is celebrated in your country. I am really want to know it :blush: