Saint Patrick's Day in Germany!

Hi there! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
If you don’t know what this festivity is all about, Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish festival that is celebrated on the 17th of March. This commemorates the death date of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. On this day, you may see people wearing green or green decorations everywhere, traditional Irish music, parties, and parades as well! This festival has now spread everywhere, countries like the United States, Canada celebrate it too.
Germany also joins the list of country that celebrates St. Paddy’s day, as Munich is the home for one of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day parade and parties in whole Europe.
Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? How do you celebrate it?

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Where I live in Argentina lots of bars celebrate Saint Patricks Day and might even put green color in the beer. Last year there was a festival with traditional dancing. :four_leaf_clover: