Schollar vocab!


Hello everyone!
Today, I bring to you a really important tip: how to hack your brain into learning Korean! haha
To get new vocabulary, instead of trying to memorize every single word, try to understand the composition of it. For example: the sylable “학” (hak) is related to learning, school, or studying, so when you see it around, you should suspect that it’s something in that area of knowledge, such as:

학생 (hakseng) - student
학교 (school) - school
과학 (gwahak) - science
and many other words!

The show “Unwrap the Age of 13” is a school drama with a lot of adventure as the triple sisters have to hold on their super powers among their friends and try to live a “normal life”. Try to watch it and find out some words related to education as I said!

Bye, see you around.

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