Seasons of the year in Russia

Do you want to know a little bit about how Russia goes varying during the year?
Here we go!

:snowflake: Winter - Зима [zimA]
Clearly the season most associated with Russia, isn’t it? And it is true that it is a very beautiful time, although with some difficulties due to the large amount of snow in much of the country. The Russian winter starts on December 1st and ends at the end of February. The temperature can drop a lot depending on the region of Russia, reaching -40º, -50º in Siberia!!! :cold_face:

:hibiscus: Spring - Весна [vesnA]
Russian spring starts on March 1st and ends at the end of May. Despite the dirty snow due to the farewell of winter, this season presents longer days, warmer temperatures, blooming nature and more smiles among people - warm days are coming!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:parasol_on_ground: Summer - Лето [lyEta]
Despite the idea that Russia is the land of eternal winter, summer does exist in this country and it can be hot. It starts the first of June and ends at the end of August. People usually go outside the city or to the dachas (summer houses) to eat a barbecue and enjoy the sun. :sunny:

:evergreen_tree: Autumn - Осень [Osen’]
It starts on the first of September, on the first day of school, and ends at the end of November. The weather can be pleasant, with slowly decreasing warmth, or it can present numerous rains or even snowfalls towards the end of this season. Russian nature brings out the beautiful colors of autumn. :maple_leaf:

What about you? In what season of the year did you visit or would you like to visit Russia? I went in autumn and I confirm that it was very, very beautiful. The weather was a bit cold for me, but that’s because I’m from Argentina :joy: :scarf:


Wow, that’s really pretty. I am just beginning to learn Russian so I have a while to go before I could feel comfortable with the basics… I think it would be really nice to visit some of the snowy mountain areas during the winter to go snowboarding! For the winter, do you mean negative 40 to negative 50 degrees celcius? :open_mouth:


Oh my, negative! My bad, I’ll correct it now :joy: thanks for asking!
What a great idea to visit the Russian mountains in the winter! I hope that learning goes very well, that we can help you with that, and that you will soon be able to fulfill the trip. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Russia’s weather is very similar to Minnesota. I loved how you shared your seasons, so beautiful! Russia’s nature feels so lovely…you are blessed. Thank you for sharing your seasons <3