"See What's Next" on Netflix!

안녕! 한국어는 잘 배우고 있지?
Hello, dear Korean learners! I hope you are having a fun process of learning Korean.

Our Korean catalogue has improved a lot over the time and we are trying our best to always bring you amazing content that will make your learning experience more and more fun. Learning a new language is not an easy task, on top of that, watching contents that are in a language you don’t know may make you feel inadequate too. That’s why, our main goal as Lingopie team is to bring you a wide variety of different contents and to make sure every single learner will be able to find something that’ll compliment their taste.

There’s no doubt the number one platform for watching a great variety of video content such as television series, movies, reality programs and even documentaries from all over the world is Netflix. I wonder if our Korean learners have ever thought “I wish I could learn Korean like this” while watching Netflix shows.

Well, hope you guys did, because we are bringing you Netflix’s amazing shows!
All you have to do is to open up your Google Chrome, click here, download the extension and get started with the experience.

Have fun!

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