Shows you can't miss!

Ciao a tutti, bella gente! :slight_smile: (Hi everyone, beautiful people!)

As you all know, Lingopie has tons and tons of awesome shows!
I would like to share with you some new ones, that I think you can’t absolutely miss!

  1. For the outdoorsy ones, who want to learn some new tricks while enjoying their time in the wilderness I would definitely recommend “Survival in the wilderness.”

  2. For those who are into training and want some tips and help to exercise, especially after the holidays, I would absolutely suggest to watch "Train with Giulio Ramazio.

  3. And for the young detectives, who like to solve mysteries, I am sure you will love "The chameleon box.

Let me know what you think, and what, in your opinion, are the best releases! :slight_smile:


Ciaoooo :it:
I’m definitely going to see “The chamelon.” I enjoy suspenseful and mysterious stories.
Thank you for the recommendation. :dizzy: