Some Italian Expressions

Hello! Just sending some different expression so you can use it like a master when you are talking to any Italian native language:

:arrow_right: Mettere la testa apposto - Set your head straight, that is just organize your life dude, once we need to do that :sweat_smile:

  • Adesso devi mettere la testa apposto e riconquistare il tempo perduto - Now you have to set your had straight and retrieve the lost time.

:arrow_right: Avere le spalle coperte - Line covered. To be on safe guaranteed by someone or a rule for something that you couldn’t be able to do or to be. Sometimes is good to be on this position :wink:

  • Non ti preoccupare, ho le spalle coperte per questa pratica - Don’t worry, I got the line covered for this process.

:arrow_right: Andare con i piedi di piombo - To treat something very carefully, when you need to have a lot of focus and caution about a specific theme or person. In these last years is something really common :upside_down_face:

  • Vacci con i piedi di piombo a parlare con il capo, credo non abbia pranzato ancora - Chose your words very carefully when you are going to talk to the chief, I think she didn’t go to lunch yet

Hope you like that guys! Put on comments if you know some others :hugs: :it:


These are super useful! Thank you so much :slight_smile:
One that my family uses a lot is:

A bizzeffe: as in a ton.
For example:

A Natale ho mangiato il pandoro a bizzeffe.

I ate a ton of pandoro during Christmas.

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Hey! I didn’t know that one, not used a lot but I will from now! Thank you too :blush:

Io si che dovrei “Mettere la testa a posto” hahah.
New one: Ho sempre la testa tra le nuvole.

I really should organize my life.
New one: I always have my head in the clouds.


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For sure! Stopping to think about it, you can find a lot of different expressions :grin:

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