Some of Italian customs a few days away from Christmas

Hi everyone!! With only few days left before Christmas, I wanted to share with you a couple of Italian tradition, some of us still follow :slight_smile:

24th, 25th and 26th December.
These days are characterized by the many dishes that are prepared. Each region (and family) has its own preferences in the kitchen for Christmas. Traditional dishes vary throughout Italy, but there are some items that cannot be missed, even if borrowed from other regions: pandoro and panettone.

On December 24, that is the day of Christmas Eve, in most of the houses of the South a big dinner is prepared in the evening, exclusively with fish dishes.
In some families, at midnight, typical Christmas carols are sung; others go to church for the traditional Christmas mass and then stay around, or meet in the square to exchange greetings.

On December 25, some children find the gifts under the tree, left by Santa Claus. A very important lunch is prepared, rich in courses (the recipes are mainly based on meat), sweets (especially with honey) and dried fruits. The table is well decorated, in theme with the recurrent festivity. The colors that are mainly used are red and white.
Italian dishes related to Christmas tradition are really many and they vary from one region to another: for example in Friuli Venezia Giulia is prepared turnip soup and cotechino (brovada e muset), in Sicily sfincione.

December 26th is Santo Stefano, a day which became a holiday on the calendar in 1949. During this day is consumed the food left over from the previous days, or are prepared soups.


Definitely I miss the food of Italy ahaha for sure Pandoro is something that you can’t find at the same taste as in Italy :yum: