Some of my favorite idiomatic expressions in Portuguese

I find many things about languages fascinating, one of them is the possibility to go further the literally meaning of the words and say something else. In Portuguese, we have many expressions that have special meanings, for example:

Pagar o pato: to be blamed for something you didn’t do.
Onde Judas bateu as botas: a place that is really far away.
Levar um fora: to be rejected by someone.
Girando a baiana: to make a fuss about something.
Puxar saco: to bother someone.

Do you know some others?

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Hey! In Brazilian Portuguese we have a lot expressions and slangs (as happen in other country, each own has is specifications). I remember some others:

  • Roupa suja se lava em casa: when you have a problem with someone and it’'s better to talk about in private.
  • Bater um prato: to have a lunch/dinner.
  • Encher o saco: stuff someone.

Hope to add some knowledge to this post!

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“Torcer o nariz” - expression used when someone does not agree with something
“No tempo da outra senhora” - A long time ago
“Diz o roto ao nú!” - expresses the lack of morality of the accuser respectively the accused
“Chover a potes” - raining really a lot

And there are many, many more

What I find really funny is if they are literally translated and the meaning is just absurd!

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