Some of the hardest Tongue twisters in Portuguese

The tongue twisters are an original way to fall in love with our language. Learn about some of the best tongue twisters in Portuguese language.


Do you know others? Tell us about them!

Be connected in Portuguese :portugal: :brazil:


Well, this can be kinda frustrating to read :joy:


It’s quite a challenge!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s tricky! Hahaha I have another one here:

Casa suja, chão sujo. Chão sujo, casa suja.
Dirty house, dirty floor. Dirty floor, dirty house.

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A woman from Brazil once taught me “O rato roeio o ropa de rei de Roma” (not sure about my spellings, sorry!). I have no idea how correctly I’ve remembered it, but it’s really fun to say.