Some untranslatable Russian words

Not all Russian words have a literal translation into English, as they sometimes express a concept that is a bit difficult to explain in a few words.
Some of my favorites are:

  • Тоска [taskA] - It can mean yearning, longing, melancholy, nostalgia, and all of these at the same time.

  • Бытиё [bytyO] - Philosophical concept that means the existence, the being of the human.

  • Кайф [kAif] - Enjoyment, fun, being high on life. Pleasant emotions and sensations in general.

  • Западло [zapadlO] - Something that is a shame, bad, unhelpful, undesirable, lazy to do, inconvenient.

“О великий, могучий русский язык!” (Oh great, mighty Russian language!), as the writer Turgenev once wrote.

Do you have any more untranslatable words to add? :memo: