Sommer ist hier!

Now that summer has finally arrived, itโ€™s time to book a holiday and hang out at the beach or enjoy the cool indoors with a book or your favorite language-learning app :wink:.

Did you know that in Germany, school summer holidays take place between June and September? :thinking: They are not excessively long as those dates might suggest, they only last 6 weeks, but to avoid chaos on the roads, each Bundesland has different dates. :beach_umbrella:

With Lingopie you can not only learn languages, but also travel around the world without moving from your couch. Have you tried At Our Neighbours Table, Weekend and Out & About? I guarantee you will be itching to travel after watching them! :flight_departure: And of course German has a word for that feeling: Fernweh is the longing to be somewhere else.

Have you watched any of our travel shows? Whatโ€™s your favorite destination? And how do you like to spend the summer? :sun_with_face: :dark_sunglasses:

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