Sound of the letter Ы

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Since I tried to explain the pronunciation of this sound in a previous post, Difficult Russian Sounds, but it was a bit confusing, I decided to give you some tips so you can practice it:

  • Pronounce the ш [sh] sound while trying to make a vowel sound as lazily as possible. Don’t move your lips and keep your tongue back. This sound is the ы sound.
  • Pretend you’re stabbing yourself in the stomach. Sounds funny, but many have said that it’s helped them. Imitate the sound you might make if you shoved a dagger in your gut, and you’ll find the ы sound.
  • Start saying “oo” like in “boot”, then start smiling and try to change sound to “ee” like in “beet”.
  • Put a pen in your mouth and say “I”.
  • Start with “I” as in “bit”, and then move your tongue lower and backwards.

Did you make it? Was it difficult? Tell me in the comments!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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