Spanish Class about English billion and Spanish billón

In Spanish, “un billón” refers to “un millón de millones” (a million million) while “a billion” in modern English refers to “a thousand million”. :dollar:

Note that previously in the UK a billion was “a million million” (just like “un billón” in Spanish). Modern English texts do not use this system (the UK government adopted the newer system in 1974) and so it is not included in the table below. :nerd_face:

  • In Spanish, numbers with 4 digits have no thousand separator, e.g. 1,000 = 1000; numbers which have more than 4 digits have a thousand separator which is represented by a space, e.g. 40,000 = 40 000

** mil millones is used far more frequently than un millardo

So when you tell “someone has a billion dollars”, someone in Spanish is going to think it’s a lot more money. :grin:

Did you find that interesting? What would you rather have, a billion or “a billón” dollars? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: