Don’t miss our first open class dedicated to families and cartoon lovers. Our Lingopie teammates, Deborah, Gaby, and Nela, will host this special open class suitable for all ages and levels. We will explore the Lingopie kids catalog during the open class and provide valuable conversation points and grammar tips.

Additionally, the open class will contain a grammatical class and a vocabulary class, both of which you will be able to put in practice in the conversational part. The open class will be about 2 cartoons: “Boj” and “Pumpkin Reports”.

Boj: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Pumpkin Reports: Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Whether you’ve seen the shows or not, you should join to take advantage of these fantastic Spanish learning opportunities. Join us to…

  • Attend a free grammar and vocabulary class by Gabi, our in-house Spanish teacher.
  • Practice your conversational skills with Spanish experts.
  • Participate in questions and answers with our language experts.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there’s no need to worry! The conversation will be divided into levels so that everyone can enjoy great Spanish conversation between Lingopie’s friends

Register here: Lingopie Kids Open Class

The class will be 1 hour.

Hello there how are these classes is it very informal or do we all have to talk?

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Hey! The lessons are usually informal, with everyone having the opportunity to talk and express themselves, particularly during the conversational part, which is the last part of the open class. I look forward to seeing you soon! :smiley:

¿Cuando es la próxima clase de español para adultos?

Hola Crystalin! La próxima clase va a ser el 10.05.2022 a las 12 PM EST.
Stay tuned :star_struck: