Subtitles out of sync with the show?

I went to bed the other night in the middle of a show. Since then whenever I have tried to watch it the subtitles are out of sync by 1 subtitle. I have tried deleting cookies, looping, changing speeds, changing browsers. Nothing will fix it. What do I do?

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Hi! I’m sorry to hear you are having some difficulties with the site.
Could you provide me with a link of the show and episode? We will check it out
Thank you :relieved:

i’m having same problem. el continental ep 4 and 5.

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I have had the same problem with one series.

indomable por naturaleza (untamed by nature) in the spanish section. Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

I know the last 7 episodes are out of sync (just verified a couple episodes again, after seeing the problem a few weeks ago). The episodes 24-30 are out of sync by 2-4 lines for the closed caption as apposed to the spoken lines. When it hit 4 lines, I turned off all subtitles and just watched listening. It is such a good show that i didn’t worry about unknown words and just enjoyed it as it is.

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Thank you for your feedback, It is very important for us!
We will check it out and get back to you :relieved:

I told the lingopie team in a ticket that is was Cold Spot season 1 episode 2. They temporarily took it down to fix the synchronicity. I’m sad it’s gone but happy this is being fixed.

I love this website so much, It’s reasonably priced. It is always coming up with ways to imrpove. And they always respond the next business day. Thank you and your team for everything you do.

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We are so happy you enjoy learning with Lingopie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And tank you again for your feedback