Telling the time in Russian

Hello there! Telling and understanding time in Russian can be a little confusing, so I bring you some tips on how to deal with it. :watch:

  • You can say the hour and the minutes, as in English, but it’s not that common among native speakers.
    Example: 06:18 - шесть восемнадцать

  • час [chas] means “hour”. You can use it after the number when telling the time, as час or conjugated in часа or часов.
    Ex.: 01:00 - один час // 03:00 - три часа

  • ровно [rOvna] means “exactly”, use it after the number when telling an exact time.
    Ex.: 07:00 - семь часов ровно

  • Use без [byez], which means “without”, before the minutes, to indicate that there are so many minutes left to the exact time.
    Ex.: 04:40 - без двадцати минут пять (five without twenty minutes)

  • Use the word четверть [chyEtvert’], “quarter”, to indicate 15 minutes. It can be used before or after the whole hour.
    Ex.: 04:15 - четверть пятого (a quarter of five)

  • Use the word половина [palavIna], “half”, to indicate 30 minutes.
    Ex.: 10:30 - половина одиннадцатого (a half of eleven)

  • As seen in the previous examples, if you say the minute, it is always communicated in relation to the next whole hour.

It may be complex to speak, but at least it can help you understand the Russian speaker if he tells you what time it is.

I hope it was understood and if you have any questions please leave a comment below! Have a good week! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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