The Definitive Articles - Gli Articoli Determinativi

Hey there! Hope you are doing fine! Another short post similar to Gli articoli indeterminativi

:arrow_right: In English, we have just one for the Definitive Article: The

In Italian we have more variations:

Il / Lo / La
I / Gli / Le

:arrow_right: Considering these variations (that are first of all distinguished by GENDER), how do I know what to use?

  • In front of CONSONANT

Feminine -La (singular) / Le (plural)
Masculine - Il or Lo** (singular) / Io or Gli** (plural)

Ex: La cagna / Le cagne / Il cane / I cani
**: Lo and Gli are used for CONSONANT that starts with pn-ps-gn-z-x-y-s-i
Ex: Lo psicologo / gli psicologi

  • In front of words that start with VOWEL

Femine - L’ (singular) / Le (plural)
Masculine - L’ (singular) / Gli (plural)

Ex: L’amica / Le amiche / L’amico / Gli amici

This is it! Of course, is necessary to practice (conversation and writing) so you can absorve this rules better and use it naturally. How about right a phrase in which you can use this articles? Put on comments! :nerd_face:


Such a great and clear explanation!
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This is very clear!
Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

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