The Indefinitive Articles - Gli Articoli Indeterminativi

Hey there! Hope you are doing fine! This will be a short post and also an invite for you to know more about the articles and how they are used in Italian.

:arrow_right: In English, we have just two for the Indefinitive Articles: a, an.

In Italian we have more variations:

Una / Un’

:arrow_right: Considering these variations (that are first of all distinguished by GENDER), how do I know what to use?

  • In front of CONSONANT
    Masculine - UN / Feminine UNA
    Ex: Un cane / Una gatta

  • In front of words that start with S + CONSONANT or GN/PN/PS/X/Y/Z
    Masculine - UNO / Feminine UNA
    Ex: Uno zio / Una storia

  • In front of VOWEL
    Masculine - UN / Feminine UN’
    Ex: Un amico / Un’isola

This is it! Of course, is necessary to practice (conversation and writing) so you can absorve this rules better and use it naturally. How about right a phrase in which you can use this articles? Put on comments! :nerd_face:


This is awesome! Thank yo so much for the tip :slight_smile:


This is great! Thank you for sharing

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