The kind of music do you mostly listen in a party like Capo d'Anno in Italy

Hello again! Now we have a some great details about modern Italian culture. Do ever thought about what kind of music is mostly listened in Italy? For sure, you’ll imagine some old guys playing the accordion with some music like “Figaroooo!” (if you laughed is because I have read your mind :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)

Don’t worry, this is a little and old part of Italian music culture. Any way, since 90’ and 2000 there is a strong tradition of Eletro music. The most famous and listened, is “l’House” (the House), that is a sub gender of Eletro Music.
By this cultural fact, in Italy you can find a really deep and strong diversity of artist that play, create this kind of music that makes an earthquake on the Italian dance floors.

So… if you are in Italy and you’ll pass there the last day of the year, prepare your self to listen some good Italian House :sunglasses: :musical_note:


I love Italian music!
Could you share some good songs you recommend? :musical_note:
Thank you, and Happy New Year!!!


For sure! I like this style but I’m not a “pro fan” ahah so I search some good names:
Gianluca Vacchi, Benny Benassi, Giolì & Assia, ITALIAN DISCO MAFIA. And you? I’m sure that you have better Artists to suggest ahahah
Happy New Year too!


Thank you!
Whoever wants to learn Italian these artists are great: I love Vasco Ross, Eros Ramazzotti, Tiziano Ferro.
They are the best!!! :it: