The meaning of “Zeug”

Zeug” is a very interesting word. Alone it usually means “stuff”, but it can also be combined with other words. You’ve probably come across some of them, like “Flugzeug”. In these cases, the word will mean the stuff that is used or needed to do something. Here are some examples:

  • Flugzeug :airplane: → the thing used to fly = airplane
  • Feuerzeug :fire: → the thing used to light a fire = lighter
  • Spielzeug :teddy_bear: → the thing used to play = toy
  • Werkzeug :hammer_and_wrench: → the thing used to work = tool

There is also an expression that means to have what it takes to something and it goes “das Zeug zu ______ haben”. For example: Du hast das Zeug dazu, Deutsch zu lernen!

Do you know any other words with “-zeug”? Share them in the comments :arrow_down: