The months in Russian

I know we are already in February, but for me this month is still the beginning of the year. After all, it’s the ideal moment to realistically review our resolutions for 2022… :eyes:

Anyway. What I want to show you today is, to face the year properly, the name and pronunciation of the months in Russian: :date:

  • January - Январь [yanvAr’]
  • February - Февраль [fevrAl’]
  • March - Март [mart]
  • April - Апрель [apryEl’]
  • May - Май [mAy]
  • June - Июнь [yUn’]
  • July - Июль [yUl’]
  • August - Август [Avgust]
  • September - Сентябрь [sentyAbr’]
  • October - Октябрь [aktyAbr’]
  • November - Ноябрь [nayAbr’]
  • December - Декабрь [dyekAbr’]

:pushpin: When we want to say that something happens in a certain month, we conjugate it in the following way, adding an “е” at the end.

  • In December - В декабре [v dyekabryE]
  • In July - В июле [v yUlye]

:pushpin: And when we want to say a date, we will conjugate it by adding an “а” or a “я” at the end.

  • January 12th - 12-е января [yanvaryA]
  • August 12th - 12-e августа [Avgusta]

The months March and August carry an “а” at the end, the rest have “я”.

As for the accents, in both conjugations the months January, February, September, October, November and December have the stress on the last syllable. In the rest, we keep the original accent of the word.

I hope you find this information useful! What is your favorite month of the year? Mine is January :star_struck: