The mulled wine

Hello guys! :grinning:

Since it is the period of Christmas markets here in the mountain areas and especially in the north of Italy, it is the period of a drink easy to find in these areas, the Vin brulè.
The Vin brulè also known as mulled wine or vin chaud, is a delicious and fragrant aromatic drink that is served hot in the winter time, and is often prepared during the Christmas holidays.
The basic preparation is made with a full bodied red wine, sugar, spices, mainly cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, and citrus fruits.
Preparing it at home is really simple besides warming up cold winter nights, it is also excellent against colds, thanks to its disinfecting and invigorating action.
Moreover it has a low alcohol content, around 9% vol., because of the prolonged boiling.
I hope you can enjoy a cup of it!:cup_with_straw: :blush:


So good! But I think I never take that haha

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This sound delicious :wine_glass:
I have never tried it but I plan to do it soon!
Thank you!