The “Ñ”, the Letter that Makes Us Different

The letter “Ñ” is a consonant of the Spanish alphabet whose entrance to the alphabet was very controversial. In the early 19th century its graphic didn’t appear. So many years have passed as well as many verification processes to use it in an official way, despite its use goes back to the Middle Ages.

Its origin it’s totally a Spanish one, nor even in Latin exists the famous “eñe”. Its sound is fully nasal and when you pronounce it the tongue is placed in the palate, and that’s how it’s identified.

The “Ñ” is one of the main cultural characteristics of the Spanish, this includes the Spanish varieties, like Gallego and Asturiano in which the “Ñ” is also used. We can find some usages in the Indian languages too.

Do you want to learn how to write the “Ñ” if it doesn’t appear on your keyboard? :keyboard:

You have to press ALT+0241 for the lower case and ALT+0209 for capital letters.

Did you know how to write it on your keyboard? What do you think of this particular letter? :thinking:


Luckily my keyboard has it :sweat_smile: but not long ago, the systems used by banks and institutions did not process this character, so someone with the surname “Peña” would just be “Pena” or even something like “Pe#a” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fortunately now it is widely accepted as the characteristic feature of the Spanish language, though it takes some time for learners to adopt its use.

Do you know any words with more than one “ñ”? :thinking: I only know of “Ñoño”, which is an adjective to call someone dull or dorky/nerdy :nerd_face:

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Hi, that was a very interesting fact you shared! :nerd_face: As the only word with double Ñ that came to my mind was “ñoño” I looked up on the RAE, and one that really caught my attention was “ñáñigo/ ga”, which is an adjective and it refers to someone who belonged to an Ancient Cuban secret society called “Abakuá”, which was formed only by black people

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I never thought there would actually be another word with two Ñ’s! That’s amazing :grin:

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HI! I love how there are distinctive letters in each language, and how they can help identify the language! A lot of languages actually have their own letters such as we do with the ‘Ñ’ in Spanish speaking countries, for example in German speaking countries they have the ’ ß ’ ( scharfes S). As for words with more than two Ñ’s I couldn´t find any other!! :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Hi, Paloma!! It’s very interesting the fact that each language has its own pecularity. I didn’t know the one of German you said and I find it really interesting :nerd_face: I believe German is a quite complicated language to learn but at the same time very fascinating! :star_struck:

Thank for the help. It’s been useful.