The name of the days of a week! - I giorni della settimana!

Hey guys! I know that probably all of you know how to say it or write it, and yes, this topic is super simple but, as I said in the other ( I mesi dell’anno! ) you can may save this as a reminder or something to help if you have any doubt.
Let’s see:
Lunedì - Monday
Martedì - Tuesday
Mercoledì - Wednesday
Giovedì - Thursday
Venerdì - Friday
Sabato - Saturday
Domenica - Sunday

You’ll find this kind of words in the shows that may have to follow a specific agenda, like Talent High School that talks about the routine of a really talented young people school’s! Put on comments if you have ever used this words in your lessons or conversations practice :wink:


My favorite day is Domenica for sure!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like Sabato! ahaha

My favorite is definitely Sabato :slight_smile: