The name of the months! - I mesi dell'anno!

Hey guys! As we are starting the year now, even if the most of you may know, the list of each month


  • Gennaio - January
  • Febbraio - February
  • Marzo - March
  • Aprile - April
  • Maggio - May
  • Giugno - June
  • Luglio - July
  • Agosto - August
  • Settembre - September
  • Ottobre - October
  • Novembre - November
  • Dicembre - December

You can use it like that: Oggi ho scritto questo post al quattordici di gennaio del duemila e ventidue :upside_down_face:

If you want, you can take a picture or a screenshot, or even save this post on your favorite links so you can consult if you need :grimacing:

Have you ever seen the show “Discovering Italy with Debora Scapolan”? In this one, you can find a lot of information about the seasons of each month and what best place to visit according with that. Take a look:

And you? Do have any LingoPie show’s that you are using to learn better then others? Put on comments!