The shops in French

Something I consider really useful when traveling is to know the name of the different shops in the local language.
Imagine being in France and not be able to ask for the nearest Boulangerie to have a pain au chocolat :scream:

So here are some important shops to consider when in France :shopping_cart: :fr:


La boulangerie: The bakery
La pĂątisserie: The cake shop
La boucherie: The butcher’s shop (unprepeared raw meat)
La charcuterie: The butcher’s shop (prepeared meat)
La poissonnerie: The fish shop
L’épicerie: The groger’s shop
Le magasin de fruits et légumes: The greengrocer
La fromagerie: The cheese shop (Is it just me or this is the most importante one? :cheese: :heart:)
Le marchĂ©: The farmers’ market
Le supermarché: The supermarket
Le hypermarché: Giant supermarket
Le marchand de vins: The wine shop (Ok, this is very important too :wine_glass: :new_moon_with_face:)

Other shops

La pharmacie: The pharmacy
La quincaillerie The hardware store (Talking about difficult words to pronounce right? :crazy_face:)
La blanchisserie The laundry
La laverie automatique: The laundromat
La teinturerie / Le pressing: The dry cleaner
La librairie: The bookstore
La poste: The post office
Salon de coiffure: The hairdresser’s

And you? What shops you visit when travelling? :airplane: :shopping:

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