The verb determinations

Hi guys, :blush: today I wanted to share with you the essential determinations of the verb which are the following:

:black_small_square:the first, second, third person
:black_small_square:the singular and plural number
:black_small_square:the finite mode (indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative)
:black_small_square:indefinite (infinitive, participle, gerund)
:black_small_square:the present tense: present
:black_small_square:past tense: imperfect, near past, remote past, near past, remote past
:black_small_square:future: simple future and anterior future
:black_small_square:the transitive and intransitive gender
:black_small_square:the active, passive, reflexive form

All verbs are divided into two major classes: transitive and intransitive.
:arrow_forward: A transitive verb is one whose action passes directly from the subject to the object complement (Mark reads a book).
:arrow_forward: An intransitive verb is one that expresses a way of being of the subject or an action that does not pass on an object complement (Mark reads; Mark runs home).


Thank you for sharing this, it is going to be very helpful especially for new learners!

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