The week in Russian

Today I bring you something simple but useful for you to know in the Russian language: the days of the week and useful terms to talk about it.

:question: The most essential question in this regard is:

  • What day is it today? - Какой сегодня день? [kakOj sevOdnya dyen’]

:date: Now let’s look at the names of the days of the week:

  • Monday - понедельник [panyedyElnik]
  • Tuesday - вторник [vtOrnik]
  • Wednesday - среда [sredA]
  • Thursday - четверг [chetvErg]
  • Friday - пятница [pyAtnitza]
  • Saturday - суббота [subOta]
  • Sunday - воскресенье [vaskresEnye]

Unlike English, in Russian these words are not capitalized.

:pushpin: Other concepts that may be useful in this topic are:

  • Day - день [dyen’]
  • Week - неделя [nyedyElya]
  • Today - сегодня [sevOdnya]
  • Yesterday - вчера [vcherA]
  • Tomorrow - завтра [zAvtra]
  • Workdays - рабочие дни [rabOchie dnI]
  • Days of the week - будни [bUdni]
  • Weekend - выходные [vykhadnYe]

I hope this little guide will help you! What is your favorite day of the week, out of curiosity? Mine tends to be, oddly enough, Monday - I like my current routine :joy: