Too many inaccuracies

I like the content of Lingopie, but there are too many inaccuracies to use this platform for serious language study.

I have already brought this to the attention to the staff, and I hope they will focus on quality of their content rather than gaining new subscribers. I will not renew.

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Thank you for your post. Could you please tell us your email address to contact you? Thank you.

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Our team is constantly working on improving our translation by making them as accurate as possible. However, we are still growing and there may be some mistakes. For this same reason your feedback is extremely important.
Could you send me the inaccuracies you saw by email? We’ll take care of it.
Thank you!


Deborah and Roxana, this issue ALSO has me extremely concerned, and I’m just in the trial period.

Are these translations being done by REAL people? Or are they using Google Translate? Certain things are not adding up. Not sure if either of you are native French speakers, but just look at this inaccuracy I found - and it’s a big one.

The actors says: je me suis replongée dans le dossier “par ACQUIT de conscience.”

The subtitles ends up reading: “par GUIDE de conscience.”

This is doing us all a disservice. Who knows how many people are going to start saying: “par GUIDE de conscience” because they think it’s the right way to say it.

Another more concerning example from the faulty subtitles in Alice Devers s01e01:
Si j’avais été obligé de VISER tous les meubles de chez moi par peur qu’elle se blesse, oui j’aurais fait appel au meilleur specialiste.

This should be “VISSER” with TWO S’s. Yet, it’s spelled like “VISER,” with one S. Those are two completely different words. To make matters worse, the wrong word is then translated into English and usd in the subtitle completing changing the meaning of what was said. Talk about a cascading comedy of errors.

Again, please tell me these translations are being done by human beings and not Google Translate. I work in the translation business. I’m not asking for perfection. But if I’m to make the plunge and subscribe, I need to know the work is trustworthy, at the very least.


Hello and thank you for your message. Thank you for letting us know about it. Yes, we have real people working on the transcription and the edition of our shows. We are actually going through the verification process of some shows. Thank you again for taking the time to write to us. :slightly_smiling_face: