Maya - Click here to view

Young Maya has systemic lupus and is forced to spend her days inside her house. Her way of living out her fantasies is writing, and while she aspires to be a famous author, she’s more than happy to write for her only fan, Luke.

Like This, But Not Like This - Click here to view

Following his father’s advice, a boy sets out to meet his neighbors and avoid becoming a misanthrope. A poet, a model, a dancer, a generous lady, and a homeless boy help him see the world through different eyes.

Leme in Love - Click here to view

Mariana comes back from England to spend her vacation in Rio. Thinking nothing has changed, she’s over the moon to finally be back. Except things did change: all her friends started dating. But she has a plan to fix everything.

Holy Smoke - Click here to view

Two hitmen need to finish a mission, but a joint is bound to cloud the issue.

Unadventurers - Click here to view

In an attempt to prove that being a bard is a valid career choice, Vic Voice-of-the-Wind sets out to lead a group of second-class adventurers: a communist dwarf, a socially awkward rogue, an elf, a one-eighth-orc “cleric,” and… Vegan Bull.

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Like This, But Not Like This is the best show ever! It worth every second of our lives to watch this charming short film :smile:


“Like this, but not like this” is my favorite show too!!!

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