Traditional Easter Week Meals in Latin America

Many things happen during the Easter holidays, but one of the most important is the food. Here I show you some of the things they typically eat in these Latin American countries during Easter.

Argentina and Uruguay :argentina: :uruguay:

The “empanadas” that are typical in those countries are eaten during the main week, they are called “empanadas de vigilia” and are filled with tuna or other type of fish.

Fourteen different dishes, symbolizing the Stations of the Cross, pass through Bolivian kitchens at this time of the year. The most popular is the Creole cheese humacha, sautéed with onions and beans. It is followed by trout and cod, among others.

Chile :chile:

As in Argentina and Uruguay, empanadas are served, but filled with seafood, chicken or vegetables.

Colombia :colombia:

Fish is the king of the tables and its companion is rice with coconut, with its characteristic sweet and sour flavor.

Ecuador :ecuador:

Vegetable, grain and fish soup, called “fanesca”, is the custom, as well as “humitas”, small dumplings of ground corn and cheese, wrapped in corn husks and boiled.

Perú :peru:

It depends on the region, but the most common dishes are fish-based, such as “ceviche” and “chupe.” The favorite side dish is “malarrabia,” a recipe that includes parboiled ripe plantains, cheese and seasoning to taste.

Venezuela :venezuela:

The typical Easter food in Venezuela is fish, mainly salted fish and dogfish in its different presentations, but “empanadas” are the most popular.

What dishes do you eat during Easter? Did you know any of these? :nerd_face:

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Thank you so much for this post! It is very interesting to see how each country celebrates :egg: :star_struck: