Vending Machines (自動販売機 じどうはんばいき jidōhanbaiki)

If you ever travel to Japan and walk around the streets, you might be astonished of how many vending machines there are (自動販売機, じどうはんばいき, jidōhanbaiki). Thousands and thousands of these machines are installed everywhere and they all work. Not matter how far you are, probably you’ll find one. And in some corners, they’re put together, one next to another.

Japan is crazy about these machines and me too. When I travelled to Japan for the first time, I always bought something to drink in these machines. A few times, something to eat, like a snack (peanuts or chocolate). Very convenient, don’t you think?

Drink and food vending machines are the most common ones. The drink ones offer both hot and cold beverages, like coffee, green tea, soft drinks, among others. If you’re new to Japan and you like to try new things, buying with these machines is an adventure itself.

However, not only drinks and food are offered, but also snacks, cards, cigarettes, umbrellas, tickets and many, many crazy things you might not believe.

So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Japan, go ahead and try a vending machine! You won’t be disappointed.

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