Venerdì gnoccolaro - Friday gnoccolaro

Good evening guys, :grinning:
I wanted to share with you this holiday, which will be very close, as it is the end of January, the “gnoccolaro Friday”.
Gnoccolaro Friday is an ancient popular feast born in Verona in the sixteenth century and celebrated in our days.
The festival originates from an uprising of the people against the bakers occurred in Verona in 1531 following a terrible famine, caused by a sudden flooding of the river Adige and aggravated by the troops who crossed the Verona area.
It happened on the last Friday of carnival, the day in which bread, wine, flour, butter and cheese were distributed in the square of the populous city district.
Rè gnocco was crowned in the city of Mantua and free gnocchi were distributed in the city square.

By the way gnocchi is one of my favorite Italian dishes! :spaghetti: :laughing:


Wow! I didn’t knew this festivity! Poi gli Gnocchi sono tutto ahah!