Veneto proverbs

Hi guys, :wave:
the Veneto language has the curious characteristic of being spoken, not only outside the region of Veneto, but also outside the national borders.
I wanted to list some proverbs from Veneto that I find really funny. :joy:
-Co el cavejo tira al bianchin lassa la donna e tiente el bon vin.* :arrow_right:When the hair begins to whiten, leave the woman and give yourself to the wine.
-Val depí an ora de alegría que zhento de malinconía. :arrow_right:It’s worth more an hour of joy than a hundred of melancholy.
-Quando l’è finio el vin, va ben anca l’aqua. :arrow_right:When the wine is finished, water is good
-Co le ciàcole no se 'mpasta frìtole. :arrow_right:With chatters you do not knead pancakes.