Verb To Have - Verbo Avere (Presente Indicativo)

Hey there! Let’s continue with a short but really usefull post. The verb To Have ( verbo avere ) is used a lot, specially as a verb to conjugate in differentes ways other verbs. For now, let’s see the INDICATIVE - PRESENT
:uk: - :it:

I have - Io ho
You have - Tu hai
She / He / It has - Lei / Lui ha
We have - Noi abbiamo
You have - Voi avete
They have - Essi hanno

  • In Italian we don’t spell the “h”, is called “l’acca (h) muta”, the muted h.
  • In the 3rd plural person, could be confused with the word anno, that means year, remember allways to use the H to diferenciate the verb from the substantive.

You’ll hear a lot this verbs in differents shows! Try to create a phares and put it on the comment, or just make a question if you have one :wink:

This is super helpful!! Thank you :slight_smile: