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Will Lingopie be available to watch on other devices such as tv? I have a smart tv where I can use the Internet and logged into My Lingopie account, but could not watch it from my tv.


Hi! It’s now available via airplay on iOS, and it should be available on Android users this week.

Thank you for creating a space to talk with other members. Is there any chance of us getting more flash cards and tests?


Hi! It is our pleasure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
When it comes to flashcards and tests, every word you click from the subtitles becomes a flashcard. As a result, the more episodes you watch and words you click, the more flashcards you’ll have to practice on.
I hope this was helpful.

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Hi! The app seems to be available for phones (and tablets I suppose) but not for Android TV. I think it would be a great addition as basically any regular streaming service supports Android TV. Are there any plans in that sense? Thanks!

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We still don’t support streaming on Android TV, but you can cast the shows on your TV.

Welp some where down the long dusty trail leads me to spain an then ill speaking like almost a native, thats pretty cool.

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