What a wonderful world!

International Earth Day!
Earth day is an event that takes place the 22nd of March to honor our Earth and be at peace with the environment. Pollution and deforestation are now more common environmental issues all around the world and we need to start taking action in the matter. This date is only a reminder of a daily struggle that we need to fight each day.
If you haven’t seen it, ‘Living Paper’ is a great short film that talks a little about this common issue.

What are the things you do to help the world? How do you take part in the matter?


I loved Living Paper! It’s a very short video but the paper animation is gorgeous and the end left me misty-eyed :face_holding_back_tears:
It also makes you think, and makes you more aware of the cost some of our activities as a species. I think we need use our resources more responsible, not only us as individuals but mainly big companies and governments :earth_americas: :heart: :earth_africa: :heart: :earth_asia: