What are the words am, beim, ans?

If you’ve payed attention, you probably encountered this words in the shows. From Pat the Dog to The Peppercorns, all of them use these words as contractions. What is a contraction? Well, these are words that are connected together to form a new word, a contraction (an example in English could be the word ‘don’t’ which is the combination of ‘do’ and ‘not’. These can help one to speak a language more fluently and are really useful to know!
Here’s a list of contractions that I’ve found in the shows I watch!

  • An + Das = ans
  • Bei + Dem= beim
  • In + Das= ins
  • Auf + Das= aufs
  • An + Dem= am
    Can you think of any other? Add it to the list by commenting down below!
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Thank you! It’s important to pay attention to these contractions because, when it comes to German prepositions and articles, they can be obligatory! (If you know anything about Spanish, it’s like the contraction “del” when you have “de” + “el”) :bulb:
From the ones you mention, for example, “beim” and “am” are obligatory, while the ones with “das” are mostly informal uses. Other obligatory contractions are “im” (in+dem), “zum” (zu+dem), “zur” (zu+der) :nerd_face:

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It’s very useful to learn them in a sentence you know you’re gonna use often. For example
“Ich gehe jeden Monat ins Kino.” Or “Meine Familie und ich sind immer ans Meer gefahren.”

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