What are your favorite ways to supplement learning?

Hi there everyone! I was thinking about ways I can add onto my learning with lingopie and figured I’d ask here what you all do! Personally, I’ve been using lingopie to supplement my learning French & Spanish in a university class setting and It’s been helping me a lot! I really feel It’s helped me improve my test scores in both courses. :smile: I still feel like i could be doing more though.

So, what do you all do when watching Lingopie? Physical flashcards, taking notes, etc?

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It’s awesome that Lingopie is helping you.

My recommendation would be to use it and discover all its features. You should click on as many words as possible and review your flashcards, participate in our webinars, and practice your conversational skills.

After watching the shows, I would read the scripts to make sure I had understood everything and had not missed any important words or expressions.

I hope this helps

Good luck :slight_smile:

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One thing I do is, of course, use the flashcards here, but if I don’t know it after a couple time I will add it to a flash card system like anki flashcards on my phone for when I am waiting for appointments or taking public transport. Wasted time, becomes useful time. I also like to play scrabble (classic word+ for android) against the computer in spanish during these times on my phone. Not related to Lingopie, but I do use the words I learn here in the game a lot! (It has french as well as spanish) If you use the words, they become part of your regular vocabulary.

My favorite way is using them on spanishdict.com (free) vocabulary lessons. Just type the word in and it will spell correct and give you a choice of the definition you want (when there are many), save it to your custom list. You can use it in flashcard mode (multiple choice), but I have never really used that mode, I prefer the typing method, no choices, gives you the english word and an example of it’s use. You have to get it spelled correctly with the proper punctuation (tildes) in order to get it correct. If you get it wrong, it will drill you on it several times in that session and put it in for review the next time you visit. Get it right and it will be added for spaced repetition drills in the future. It really builds your vocabulary.

Another way is to read example sentences of a particular word. Do a word search on spanishdict.com (not for french though) or wordreference.com. They will both give you the definitions and example sentences for the use of the word. I find if you see the word in use in different contexts, it really makes it stick. One of the best ways to remember the words is to write your own sentences with them (and read your sentences aloud!). Use them in multiple different sentences of your own will trigger it in your memory. Words I have an impossible time remembering, will absolutely stick in my head for good if I use it in a conversation (with my lingopie teacher of course!). Once I do that, it’s there for good. Works better than listening practice and drilling.

I use multiple learning platforms and I try to use the same words / topics across all of them. Just some of the methods I use lingopie with my own learning style. Hope some info may be useful. - Ed Baker

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Hi! I am learning Spanish.

I’m more of a beginner so I only add a few words. I try to watch in Spanish with Spanish subtitles, hover my mouse over a word to see it’s definition without adding.
I copied this chart and use it plus looking up words on spanishdict.com to try and understand soanish tenses and conjugations (imperative, conditional, preterite which is past) https://www.reddit.com/r/Spanish/comments/sr20hh/spanish_conjugations_list_i_made/

If I want to study tenses alone I go to the games section of https://conjuguemos.com/

I use the book practice makes perfect Spanish verb tenses

I use duolingo

And I talk on this discord Spanish-English Learning Server


I have never used a discord server before. So I tried your link and it is great, I really like being able to get a quick answer at 3:00am! Thanks for that link! - Ed

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