What do Hamburgers have to do with Hamburg?

Have you ever wondered why are hamburgers called like that? :hamburger:
Well, I guess you won’t be surprised to learn that they actually originated in Hamburg, Germany :nerd_face: . Hamburg is a seaport town, with a lot of commerce and exchange. It is said that they took inspiration from the raw shredded beef eaten by the Tartars. In the 19th century, the Germans got the idea to mix the beef with spices and cook it, which was then called a Hamburger steak :cook:t3:. German emigrants took their recipe to the USA, where it evolved to what we nowadays know as a Hamburger!

If you want to get to know a bit more about Hamburg, how about checking some of our shows that take place there, like Hamburg Homicide :policeman:t4:!

And hamburgers aren’t the only dish named after a German city. For example, frankfurters are obviously named after Frankfurt :hotdog: ! Do you know any other food that shares its name with a German city?


Very interesting!
And yes, I can think of another one: Berliner.
A Berliner is a jam filled doughnut. Yum!! :doughnut:
And of course my favourite sausage : Nürnbergerle, a type of “Bratwurst”. Delicious!