What is the difference between: "onde" and "aonde"?

Hey guys, I have a question:
What is the difference between “onde” and “aonde” ?
When should I use each one of those?


Well, the difference between these two words is so subtle that even many Portuguese speakers themselves don’t know the difference.

In fact, when you speak a language as mother tongue, it’s quite likely that you’ll speak well and accurately without knowing why you are saying things in a certain way. With Portuguese speakers it’s no different.

Aonde actually means " where to " being the contraction of the preposition “a” plus the adverb “onde”.

Generally speaking, this preposition “A” gives you a sense of movement.

Thus, you’ll be very likelly listening to Portuguese native speakers saying for instance “Aonde vai o Pedro?” rather than “Onde vai o Pedro?” - “Where is Pedro going to?”.

Onde on it’s turn means " where " and it has a rather more static meaning for something that doesn’t move, used for instance in questions like “Onde fica o Hotel?” - “Where is the hotel?”.