What is the difference between the slangs "Bora' 'Simbora' and 'Vambora?"

Hey guys, i see a lot of brazilians saying these words as a way to say “let’s go” , but I don’t know if there is any special occasion to use one of them.

Is there any difference between them or it doesn’t matter?

Thanks in advance, lingopiers :slight_smile:


All these expressions derive from the same, and vary depending on the context or social group. They are terminologies associated with slang, used more in the oral context, but not in writing. Basically, they are typical expressions of orality in Portuguese!


Hi Hugo ! I’m not an expert but I think it depends on the context.
I would probably use them like this:
‘Bora’ → “Bora tomar uma cervejinha?” → Let’s get a beer? (invitation) :beers:
‘Vambora’ → ‘Vambora daqui?’ → Let’s get out of here? (inviting to leave) :parasol_on_ground: :sun_behind_rain_cloud:
‘Simbora’ → ‘Simbora gente, estamos chegando tarde!’ → Let’s go people, we are late! (urgency) :alarm_clock:


Being a Portuguese, from Portugal, I found your explanation very helpful. Your examples really show the purpose of the word in each context, specially “simbora”, that in Portugal is not known.