What is the Flashcard tool and how can I use it?

Hello! I was hoping someone could give me some advice about how to use the flashcards? I’ve noticed that when I finish an episode of whatever show I’m watching, I get to revise my flashcards. Do you have any recommendations for making the most out of this tool? Please leave a comment and let me know! :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Hi! The flashcard feature is simply amazing. My advice is to click as many words as possible in the Interactive subtitles. It will give you the opportunity to learn and review a big amount of words for each episode you watch! :dizzy:


Hi Deborah, I am having issues with the flashcards feature: I can not add any words to the flashcards.
Before a video begins, I clicked on all the words to be added to flashcards, but after the video is done, my flashcards are empty - nothing is saved. The popup quiz option also does not work. Can you please help me fix all of these glitches?

(btw, I would prefer to have one button that says “add all” words to flashcards)

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Sorry if this splits the issue I replied to elsewhere, but the introduction with some suggested words is only a small fraction of words encountered in a single 10 min or more video. You cannot add these words before the show starts. It just shows some words and if you encountered them before. Suggested words are marked in the script with underlines.

There is no add all function because variations and word repeats would give hundreds of flashcards at once. It really defeats the purpose of flashcards early on with acquiring basic core words early into a language. For example, making flashcards for people’s names or rare/fictitious things will slow you down. They will not be needed to be drilled, since they either are super common or for that show only. When you become more advanced the words you will use as flashcards are often specialized by topic that you want to know, so you will select very few most times. Flashcards are focused and are intended to be temporary. Master them and get new ones to learn. Go back for a refresher later on if you wish.

If you are so new that you need to learn almost every new word, do not make them all flashcards! Pick a few unique ones and keep going. After first watching with both subtitles, I find it best to review the whole episode at once with only the subtitles for your target language. Skipping forward or back with keyboard controls makes for a better test as the flashcards often do not have the full line or even the words themselves on a prompted review. It also means you can practice in context, and by doing this several times you can try and read the script even before they appear on screen. If you know it then, you are good, otherwise wait for it to appear and highlight the unknown words for a refresher.

Repeat episodes several times each to have the core of the language stick better. It makes it easier if the show is about 20 mins or less and that you are interested in it. Having fun makes the process easier and makes you want to do more.

Hi Natalia,

I’m sorry to hear you are encountering some problems with the flashcards.

Please contact our customer support team at julieta@lingopie.com
or me at deborah@lingopie.com

Thank you!