What is your favourite Russian short movie?

Hello guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have you already seen that there are some short movies among the bunch of TV series? Some of them are just funny, but the other ones are meaningful and deep.

As for me, I really like “Every 88”.

It is such a kind and nice story that makes you think about the issue that is raised in this movie (no spoilers, of course :heavy_multiplication_x:)

Have you watched this short movie? :movie_camera: And what is your favourite one? :relaxed:


Yes! It’s an amazing movie. I agree 100%!
It’s a very serious movie, but even so, it has some humor. And the music, it’s very touching and sets the right mood.

I like “Lermontov” :heart_eyes:
It’s not just a documentary, it’s a heartfelt movie. What I particularly liked was the way his poems were used in the film.
And okay, to be honest, I just like Lermontov.

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“Each 88” is so nice!! A short film I fell in love with is “Roof Music”: it’s positive, has nice music and shows beautiful shots of St. Petersburg. I highly recommend it :heart_eyes:

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I LOVED “Lermontov”!!! It inspired me so much, I can’t stop reading his poems :heartpulse:

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I’ve watched a lot of Russian short movies :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
My favourite is ‘The loved Ones’