What other resources do you use to study?

for me I use

  1. Lingopie
  2. spanishdict.com
  3. duolingo.com
  4. this chart that shows the tenses and their conjugations: https://www.reddit.com/r/Spanish/comments/sr20hh/spanish_conjugations_list_i_made/
  5. i read and translate webcomics on webtoons.com
  6. I look up grammar rules on here https://grammar.collinsdictionary.com/us/spanish-easy-learning/how-do-you-use-the-perfect-tense-in-spanish

I should point out that for #2 spanish dict i click on “conjugations” and it shows all the possible conjugations of a word. When I am watching a show on lingoepie i keep this open in a seperate tag. if i have more questions about a word i look it up there.

I use the first three as well.

Some others that I use frequently are:

iTalki - This is a great resource. You can take quizzes, do exercises, ask questions, listen to podcasts or take very inexpensive lessons with countless teachers and tutors from all over the world.

ConjuGato - Very simple app that let’s you practice verb conjugation.

Tandem - Language exchange app that let’s you connect with other language learners around the world to practice. There are also live audio parties you can join.

I’ve heard conjugato is good, but you can’t practice a lot without paying for it. To practice my tenses and conjugations I use conjuguemos.com

If you have apple music they have audio books for learning languages.