What sign are you? De quel signe astrologique es-tu?

What sign are you? And what is one of your positive qualities according to your sign? (De quel signe astrologique es-tu? Et quelle est une de tes qualités selon ton signe?) :star_struck:

“JE SUIS BALANCE. MA QUALITÉ EST LA PATIENCE.” (I am a Libra. My quality is Patience). :blush:

Try to write your comment in French. If you still can’t, please do it in English and I’ll reply with your answer in French. :+1:

I read you in the comments! Let’s know each other! :wink: :hugs:

BÉLIER (Aries)

TAUREAU (Taurus)

GÉMEAUX (Gemini)

CANCER (Cancer)

LION (Leo)

VIERGE (Virgo)


SCORPION (Scorpio)

SAGITTAIRE (Sagittarius)

CAPRICORNE (Capricorn)

VERSEAU (Aquarius)

POISSON (Pisces)