What stereotypes about Russians do you know?

I’ve heard a lot of different stereotypes about Russians. And most of them are not true :smiley: So let’s see some of the most famous ones.

  1. Russians have bears as their pets

    Well, of course there are a few people that really grow the bears and train them professionally. But in everyday life we don’t have the bears as our pets. Moreover, I want you to know that people are afraid of them as a bear is one of the most dangerous animals in our country. The only places where we can safely see the bears are circuses and zoos :bear:

  2. It’s always very cold in Russia

    It’s definetely not true :laughing: As our country is the biggest one in the world we have a lot of climatic zones from +40°C in te southern regions to -60°C in Siberia.

  3. Russia is a dangerous and criminal country

    I can’t say that Russia is the safest place on Earth, but it’s not as dangerous as some people think. There are some areas where walking alone or at night is not a good idea, but, on the whole, it’s safe enough to live here :wink:

What other stereotypes about Russians have you ever heard? It’s really interesting to know what other nations think about our country :blush:


Speaking of stereotypes, I have a question.

The time I traveled to Russia I noticed that people are more serious, and I know the phrase “Смех без причины - признак дурачины” (Laughter for no reason is a sign of foolishness).

Is it really that hard to see someone smiling on the street, or is it an exaggeration?

Actually, about smiling, it’s true.
You don’t often meet a person who smiles at you just like that. If a stranger smiles at you, we call it a “duty smile”. This is not the best quality and rather alarming. You need a good reason; by smiling, we show our attitude and affection to the person.
But if a Russian person smiles at you, he does it sincerely and from the heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s actually very sweet! Using the smile more to express affection, and not a simple cordiality.
Thank you Olga! :blush: :blush: :blush:


I only lived in Saint Petersburg for 6 months but found the honesty about smiling kind of nice, it became really hard to adjust after I came back to the USA and had to relearn to fake smile all the time because I work in a customer service related field.

  1. Russians are alcoholics.
    I think we drink more here in the USA. I think the biggest difference though is HOW the two countries drink.
    In the USA we have this binge drinking culture but when I lived in Russia there was always a plate of food out where people ate something after each toast or between drinks. Even at bars. It was pretty great.

Hello!! It’s true, one of the keys for Russians to drink without going bad is to always have something to eat between drinks. It’s important to develop a good stamina :joy:

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