What's the best way to learn to understand Spanish speakers?

So, I’ve found watching TV shows on Lingopie is really helping me to understand Spanish speakers when they’re speaking at pace. Are there any other ideas how to help?


Hi! First of all, thanks for your comment :star_struck:
Well, other servives offered by LingoPie are webinars and lessons given by native speakers. This would be helpful as a way of practising situations in real life. Then, another thing that come up to my mind is try to listen to some songs and little by little try to repeat what it says.
Hope you find these ideas useful :blush:


Choose slow Spanish songs, practice speaking, and try to think in spanish


What really works for me was watching short shows (Oswaldo and kitty no es un gato are great). Watch through at a comfortable speed and mark the words you don’t know. Practice the flashcards until you are familiar with them. Then a few days later go back to the same show. Watch it faster, repeating in your head the words as they are spoken (no subtitles). Don’t try to translate or worry about unknown words, just listening and enjoying the show. Of course you can rewind/slow down the show a bit if it you don’t understand a line.
Translating and trying to figure out unfamiliar words will slow me down or stall me out completely. Since I have already seen the show, I already know the plot, I can concentrate on what I hear, enjoy the show and the comprehension is quicker. This really helped me get up to speed listening to spoken Spanish.

Just thought I would share this since it is what seems to be working for me. - Ed


Agree with Ed, and repetition repetition repetition. And faster faster faster.
I have same difficulties to understand native Spaniards.
I’ve notice that not a of them speak so fast and this depends from provincia and city.
Main thing: don’t give up and don’t focus that you don’t understand but focus what you understand and see that you making progress.

Good luck


Watching a show twice helps, and the first time pausing to click on words to repeat them and collect flash cards. The second time to watch it through the whole way! :slight_smile:


Hi! Those advices are great! I’ll try them for sure! :hugs: