What's the name of this joke character in your language?

In Russia, short fictional stories and dialogues with a punch line are very common forms of creating humor. These jokes are usually told at friends’ gatherings, and they stay with you for life.

Well, thinking of jokes something I noticed is that many cultures have a certain kind of character for jokes. Sometimes even the jokes are similar, but the character’s name is different.

While in English I know what this character is called Little Johnny, in Russia he’s called Вовочка or Vovochka (diminutive of Vladimir). He’s a naughty little boy, who is constantly asking cheeky questions and playing pranks on people. For example:

Teacher: Today, children, we are going to conjugate verbs. I stand, you stand, he stands, we stand, you stand, they stand… Vovochka, repeat it.
Vovochka: Everyone stands.

So I want to ask you, how is this character called in your language? I find it very interesting and funny to have this kind of coincidences between cultures! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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